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Hostel Berlin for female travelers

by | Nov 3, 2023 | miscellaneous

EastSeven Hostel Berlin Lounge

The German capital Berlin is one of the most popular destinations in the country. Numerous hostels in the city offer accommodation to travelers. But especially as a woman, the question arises whether an overnight stay in a mixed dormitory of a hostel is the right choice. Our visitor Maria tells you about her experience with us and why she thinks EastSeven is the perfect hostel for female guests in Berlin.

Sleeping in hostels as a woman – a good idea?

I have been to many places in the world, but one particular destination has always had a special attraction for me. However, I’m not a big fan of hotels with their often very aloof image. I usually only travel with my backpack and am therefore not the most popular guest in many hotels. When I could finally fulfill my dream of a trip to Berlin, I wanted to stay in a hostel.

Of course, I received the well-intentioned advice from almost all my friends not to stay in a hostel as a woman. However, the selection of affordable hotels in the German capital leaves a lot to be desired – especially if you want to stay as centrally as possible. So I decided to set up camp in a hostel for my visit to Berlin, despite all the advice to the contrary.

Berlin, Berlin, I go to Berlin

A sightseeing tour to the famous sights, enjoying a coffee at the Spree, a night in the infamous Berlin nightlife, once on the TV tower: There are so many things I had planned for my trip to Berlin. So once my itinerary was set, all I needed was the right accommodation.

During my search for a suitable hostel in Berlin I came across the EastSeven. Not only the pictures on the net and the reasonable prices, but especially the location in the trendy district Prenzlauer Berg convinced me to book a room at EastSeven.

Thanks to the 24/7 self-check-in at EastSeven, the almost five-hour delay on the train ride to Berlin was fortunately no problem. Checked in and arrived in a quite spacious shared room, I first made myself comfortable in order to tank up enough energy for the next day. The next morning, the communal kitchen was already bustling with activity as I finally got ready to start the day. Fortunately, with the free muesli breakfast, I was able to refuel enough energy for the day ahead.

EastSeven Berlin: My first choice for women traveling

Berlin has so much to offer that you should definitely have a place to stay where you can recharge enough energy for your adventures in the city. The EastSeven offered me more than just a place to stay during my trip. It was like a second home to me during my time in Berlin.

Not only did I feel a family atmosphere in the whole hostel from the very beginning. Especially at the weekly community evenings and by cooking together in the communal kitchen, I met many great new people that I would never have met in a normal hotel.

Women at Hostel Eastseven in Berlin

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