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Unusual museums in Berlin

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Museums

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There are more than 170 large and small museums in Berlin. This means you can enjoy all kinds of exhibitions during a visit to the capital. In addition to the classic museums, which you can find on Museum Island, for example, there are also some unusual museums in Berlin. So while you’re staying at EastSeven Hostel Berlin, you can get closer to some off-the-beaten-track art and culture.

10 unusual museums in Berlin

Have you ever visited a museum where you can taste particularly disgusting food? Or do you know a museum where the exhibits are oversized letters, lipsticks or computer games? Here are 10 unusual museums in Berlin where you can enjoy culture and still get away from the usual sightseeing.

Our museum tip no. 1: Disgusting Food Museum

Frog smoothies, maggot cheese, rotten herring: these are just three of the more than 80 unusual foods that you will encounter at the Disgusting Food Museum. You can smell them and even try some of them at the tasting bar – if you dare. The Disgusting Food Museum wants its visitors to think about when a food is perceived as normal and when as disgusting. Where? Schützenstraße 70, 10117 Berlin When? Friday to Tuesday 12 to 6 p.m. Admission? 16 euros, reduced 8 euros More info

Unusual museum in Berlin: The Disgusting Food MuseumImage Source: https://www.facebook.com/DisgustingFoodMuseum.Berlin/photos/pb.100063690605492.-2207520000/365772401633447/?type=3

Our museum tip no. 2: Computer games museum

Computer games are an important part of pop culture today. The Computer Games Museum shows how this came about. The 300 or so exhibits on display in the museum include historical gaming machines and consoles. Many objects invite visitors to try them out. One highlight of the collection is the Pain Station, where the aim is to win by enduring pain. Where? Karl-Marx-Allee 93A, 10243 Berlin When? daily 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Admission? 11 euros, concessions 7 euros More info

The Computer Games Museum, an unusual museum in BerlinImage Source: https://www.facebook.com/Computerspielemuseum/photos/pb.100064728544507.-2207520000/4614793271866207/?type=3

Our museum tip no. 3: Museum of Letters

How can you fill an entire museum with letters?
The Buchstabenmuseum houses the world’s largest collection of three-dimensional letters.There are around 3,000 objects in the museum’s archive.A selection is displayed on the premises, and the exciting history of the letters on display and their design is also told.Where?Stadtbahnbogen 424, 10557 Berlin When?Thursday to Sunday 1 to 5 p.m. Admission?12 euros, reduced 6.5 euros More info

The unusual museum of letters in BerlinImage Source: https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=1082605395835790&set=a.1082605332502463

Our museum tip no. 4: Lipstick museum

Make-up artist René Koch has put together a museum full of lipsticks.His collection consists of exhibits, some of which date back to the 19th century.In addition to lipsticks, other make-up utensils and posters are also on display.Another highlight of the museum are more than 150 kiss prints of prominent ladies such as Hildegard Knef.Visits to the museum are only possible by prior appointment and as part of an individual or group tour.Where?Helmstedter Straße 16, 10717 Berlin When? by appointment only Admission? from 30 euros More info

An unusual museum: Lipstick Museum in BerlinBildquelle: https://www.lippenstiftmuseum.de/Inhalte/DasMuseum.htm

Our museum tip no. 5: Magicum

The Magicum Berlin Magic Museum is dedicated entirely to the art of magic.
There are numerous exhibits from the world of magic, mysticism and illusion on display.The magic shows, where visitors can experience magic up close, are also great fun.Where?Große Hamburger Straße 17, 10115 Berlin When?Monday to Sunday 11 am to 6 pm Admission?14 euros, reduced 11 euros More info

The unusual Magicum Museum in BerlinBildquelle: https://www.magicum-berlin.de/fuehrung/

Our museum tip no. 6: Berlin Museum of Medical History

This museum, which is located on the grounds of the Charité hospital, is not for the faint-hearted.
As a visitor, you travel back to the eventful past of medicine and look at historical exhibits. These include human specimens, medical instruments and handwritten dissection protocols.In the museum’s permanent exhibition, you can “Track down life”, while changing special exhibitions are dedicated to various organs or diseases.Where?Charitéplatz 1, 10117 Berlin When?Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday 10 am to 5 pm Wednesday, Saturday 10 am to 7 pm Admission? 10 euros, reduced 5 euros More info

Unusual Berlin Museum of Medical HistoryBildquelle: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=790023023128329&set=pb.100063619145018.-2207520000&type=3

Our museum tip no. 7: Museum of Unheard-of Things

At the Museum of Unheard-of Things, the name says it all.
Director Roland Albrecht is an artist and collects things that tell an interesting but rarely heard story. However, the exhibits are not real objects, but things that are intended to stimulate visitors’ imaginations.
These include, for example, a telescope that tells the story of Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America.This makes the Museum of Unheard-of Things a highlight among the capital’s museums.Where?Crellestrasse 5-6, 10827 Berlin When?Wednesday to Friday 3 to 7 p.m. Admission? free More info

Our museum tip no. 8: DeJa Vu Museum

This museum is dedicated to optical illusions.
You can see kaleidoscopes and cabinets of mirrors, for example. Many exhibits are designed so that you can enter them and experience them up close.
Thanks to this interactivity, the museum is particularly suitable for families. Where?Rochstraße 14c, 10178 Berlin When? Daily from 10 am to 8 pm Admission?15 euros, reduced 13 euros More info

The unusual DeJa Vu Museum in BerlinBildquelle: https://dejavumuseum.de/galerie/

Our museum tip no. 9: Khroma Museum

Instead of oil hams, you can see the fusion of classical art with digital technologies in this art museum.
Experiments with light, sound and kinetics take you into futuristic worlds. Visitors can create their own works of art that spring from their imagination.
The playful approach also makes the museum suitable for children of all ages. Where? Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin When? Monday to Thursday 2pm to 9pm Friday 2pm to 10pm Saturday 12pm to 10pm Sunday 12pm to 9pm Admission? from 19 euros More info

unusual museum in Berlin: KhromaBildquelle: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=239472512402036&set=pb.100090178671278.-2207520000

Our museum tip no. 10: Dark Matter

In the dark rooms of a former factory, seven works of art made of light, sound and movement have been created that take you to the interface between the real and digital worlds.Some of the works are interactive, drawing museum visitors even deeper into the exhibition.Where?Köpenicker Chaussee 46, 10317 Berlin When?Wednesday, Thursday 2pm to 10pm Friday 12pm to 11pm Saturday 11am to 11pm Sunday 11am to 10pm Admission? from 18 euros, students 14 euros More info

Dark Matter, an unusual museum in BerlinBildquelle: https://www.facebook.com/darkmatterberlin/photos/pb.100053556978369.-2207520000/210379974064663/?type=3

Exciting exhibitions all over Berlin

In addition to our 10 recommendations, there are many other unusual museums in the German capital. These include the Hemp Museum, the Illuseum and SpencerHill World. In Hellersdorf, you will also find a museum apartment where you can see how people lived in GDR times.You can enjoy significantly more comfort if you stay at EastSeven during your time in Berlin.We will be happy to give you more tips on which museums you should not miss during your time in our beautiful city.

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