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Best Hostel in Berlin for Solo Traveller

by | Nov 3, 2023 | miscellaneous

EastSeven Hostel Berlin Lounge

Berlin is always worth a trip! The city offers so many different possibilities that even as a solo traveler you can experience a lot and it will never be boring! And the best thing about it: True to the city’s self-imposed motto “poor but sexy”, accommodation in Berlin doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Our guest Timo tells you how he found his perfect accommodation in Berlin.

Best hostels in Berlin for solo travelers

Just get out and experience something new: That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. One city that has always appealed to me is Berlin. The cultural diversity and the unique charm of the city have always attracted me somehow magically. So just pack my best friends and nothing like there! At least that’s what I thought.

To my astonishment, my friends were not particularly enthusiastic about the idea. But that was not to stop me. True to the motto: “You’re crazy, my child, you have to go to Berlin”, I decided to simply travel to Berlin as Solo Traveller. In addition to planning the itinerary, I also had to find suitable accommodation. Since my travel budget was unfortunately not very lavish, I decided to look for a good hostel. My criteria were not particularly demanding:

  • It should be as centrally located as possible.
  • My accommodation should not break my travel budget.
  • The booking should be as uncomplicated and flexible as possible.

My tip for solo travelers: EastSeven Berlin

Finding the right accommodation in Berlin with my actually very manageable requirements was not that easy. But luckily I got a hot tip from a good friend: the EastSeven Hostel in Berlin. So I quickly went to the website and booked a room.

A few days later, the time had come: My trip to the capital finally started. Hardly arrived at my accommodation for the next few days, I was already warmly welcomed. Here I quickly realized why Berlin is called cosmopolitan and international. In the hostel I met guests from many different countries.

For the first day I had planned a typical tourist route in Berlin: first to the Brandenburg Gate and take a photo in front of the Reichstag, then to Alexanderplatz and once on the TV tower and then look at the Eastside Gallery on the former Berlin Wall. Fortunately, from my hostel I could reach all these destinations very easily. For the first day in the city, that was enough for me for now and I wanted to rest in the hostel in the evening.

Here, the next positive surprise awaited me: On my first day in the hostel, one of the weekly community evenings took place in EastSeven. So my evening at the barbecue with the other residents in the small lounge garden turned out differently than expected, but it was all the nicer for it.

Group of solo travellers at Hostel Eastseven Berlin

This is what you should have done in Berlin

Who travels to Berlin, of course wants to experience something. The city offers so many different places that everyone gets their money’s worth. So you can for example

  • Experience culture and history in one of the many museums.
  • turn night into day in the city’s famous club scene.
  • simply spend a chill day in one of the many parks, directly at the Spree or at one of the many lakes.

There is no such thing as the “one” experience you absolutely have to have in Berlin. Everyone has their own idea of a perfect city break in the German capital. The great thing is: Berlin offers something for everyone to have a great time. Thanks to its central location in the hip district of Prenzlauer Berg, EastSeven Berlin is the perfect base camp for an unforgettable Berlin experience.

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