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These 6 tips will get you into the KitKatClub in Berlin

by | May 12, 2024 | Leisure

Alongside Berghain, KitKatClub is one of Berlin’s most popular clubs. The club is well known far beyond the capital’s borders. This is also due to the fact that there is a great deal of freedom of movement in the club. However, to be able to attend the legendary parties, you first have to get past the bouncers. And that is anything but easy. We at the EastSeven Hostel in Berlin are happy to help you. We’ll tell you what the dress code is at KitKatClub and give you more tips on how to get into the club.

Insight into the KitKat Club BerlinBildquelle: https://www.kitkatclub.org/SeitenVorlagen/Club/Kopfbild.jpg

The hip KitKatClub in Berlin

The KitKatClub is not only one of the hippest clubs in Berlin. It is also one of the oldest of its kind. In 1994, Austrian Simon Thaur and his partner Kirsten Krüger organized their first clubbing events at Club Turbine in Glogauer Straße.The success was not long in coming. It was so overwhelming that Simon Thaur and Kirsten Krüger took over the club completely and renamed it KitKatClub. In 1999, the location became too small and the club moved for the first time. After a few more moves, it can now be found on the corner of Köpenicker Straße and Brückenstraße in the premises of the Sage Club. KitKat is known and loved above all for its open attitude to sex and eroticism. Visitors move around the dance floor in tight outfits and get closer and closer to each other. Inevitably, a sizzling atmosphere is created. And if you feel like it, you can retreat to a darker corner of the club and get very close to each other. However, the KitKatClub is not a swingers club, even if there is sometimes sex between strangers. First and foremost, KitKat is a techno club where you can dance, party and enjoy exciting nights out. If you don’t want to skip the KitKat club during your visit to Berlin, the following tips will help you get in.

1. no everyday clothing

It is an absolute no-go to wear normal everyday clothes when visiting the KitKatClub. If you turn up at the club entrance in jeans, a T-shirt and white sneakers, you can be sure that the doormen won’t let you in. Because for the people in charge, it is part of the nightlife in their club that the guests are dressed creatively. And it doesn’t fit in if you go to KitKat in the outfit you wore to the office a few hours earlier.

Wool sweater is a no go to get into the KitKat Club Berlin

Bildquelle: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/frau-hand-schild-gesichtslos-7114327/

2. not just underwear

Entering a sex-positive club in nothing but underwear? That sounds like a very good idea to many potential visitors. However, the people in charge of the KitKatClub are anything but enthusiastic about it. Their door policy has no problem with permissiveness – quite the opposite. But there should be a little more creativity in the outfit than simply standing at the entrance in panties and bra and trying to impress the doormen.

Entering the KitKat Club Munich with more than just underwearBildquelle: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/roter-bustenhalter-auf-weissem-textil-3682271/

3. no black clothing

When you think of typical clothing in the fetish scene, one color immediately comes to mind: black. Whether vinyl or leather: the outfits of the scene are extremely dark. But the people in charge at KitKatClub don’t like that. In an Instagram post at the beginning of 2024, they wrote that they were no longer in the mood for guests in black outfits. Instead, they are calling for more creativity when visiting – including when it comes to colors.

You can't get into the KitKat Club Munich wearing only black clothingBildquelle : https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/roter-bustenhalter-auf-weissem-textil-3682271/

4. unconventional materials

People who wear rather unusual clothes have the best chance of getting into the KitKatClub. The more eye-catching they are, the more likely they are to be admitted to the club. In addition to vinyl, latex and leather, lace, fishnet tights, corsets, feathers and masks are also welcome.

Woman with unusual clothes in the KitKat Club Bildquelle: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/modisches-transgender-modell-das-nach-der-party-auf-dem-sofa-chillt-5066803/

5. second chance allowed

Have you failed the KitKat door policy and think the party is over for you before it has even started? That doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. Most of the club’s bouncers have no problem giving guests a second chance. So if you quickly get yourself another outfit and go back to the club entrance, the men and women at the door might let you in after all.
By the way, there are two clothes stores near the EastSeven Hostel where you can put together your outfit for your visit to the club:

  • PartyBee at Danziger Straße 6: Here you will find a large selection of clothes and costumes for the next party in the club. What’s more, the staff are very friendly and will help you choose the right outfit.
  • Schwarzer Reiter at Bayreuther Straße 34: This store is located right next to the famous KaDeWe department store. It also has lots of fetish clothing and accessories in its range. The sales clerks will also be happy to give you tips on which items are best suited for the KitKatClub.The prerequisite for your second chance at the KitKatClub door is, of course, that you have not attracted attention in the queue with negative behavior. If you complained loudly the first time about not being let in, then you can save yourself a second attempt.

6. no alcohol in the queue

In general, you should know how to behave in the queue at the KitKatClub. Being friendly to the club staff and other guests is definitely the order of the day. You should refrain from consuming alcohol while waiting. Even if you approach the bouncers staggering, you can expect not to be let into the venue. Pre-boozing is therefore not a good idea if you want to be one of the people partying at KitKat. Incidentally, the KitKat staff are always careful to ensure that the people in the club are suitably mixed. If there are too many men in the club, they make an effort to allow more women in. This may mean that only a few men are allowed in for a while. A couple generally has the best chance of getting into the club and onto the dance floor.

Wine glass with red wineBildquelle: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/foto-von-weinglas-mit-roter-flussigkeit-4110403/

What else you should look out for at the KitKatClub

Have you finally left the KitKatClub queue behind you and want to dive into the nightlife? There are a few things you should keep in mind even after you’ve entered.

No photos and videos in the club

Guests are strictly prohibited from taking photos and videos. You must therefore leave your cell phone at the checkroom. The security staff take meticulous care to ensure that all guests adhere to the rules. After all, all visitors should be allowed to party without having to worry that a photo or video will be taken of them.

However, a photographer from the club is usually out and about taking pictures. However, he first asks the people he wants to photograph for permission. If you agree, you can even appear with your photo in the next Instagram post from KitKat.

Changing in the club

The clothes you wear when you enter the KitKat club don’t have to be the outfit you wear when you hit the dance floor. The club has both changing areas and a checkroom. So you can undress or change and then hand in your clothes at the checkroom. Conveniently, this is even free of charge.

However, you should show the doormen the costume you want to wear in the club. Either you already have it on under your jacket or you open the bag in which you bring the items into the club.

Changing at the KitKat Club BerlinBildquelle: https://www.pexels.com/de-de/foto/muder-mann-der-sich-nach-der-auffuhrung-auszieht-5066853/

Different strict dress codes

Admission to the KitKatClub is not equally strict every night. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are the strictest nights in terms of outfits. On the other hand, Monday, Tuesday and Sunday are less strict.

We will be happy to give you more tips about your visit to the KitKatClub or the general club scene in Berlin when you stay with us at EastSeven Hostel.

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