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Tips for your stay at the hostel

by | Dec 1, 2023 | miscellaneous

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Would you like tips for staying in a hostel and therefore more comfort for your stay? Then read our best tips for your stay in the hostel here. 

Tips on how to get the best sleep in a hostel

Staying in a hostel is a cost-effective way to get a good night’s sleep. While hostels used to have more of a youth hostel style, they now have much more to offer thanks to the modern design of the rooms. In addition to social interaction and the mostly central location, hostels in Berlin are extremely attractive today. There are single rooms and rooms for several people. In addition, a kitchen is often included, and there are other features from innovative urban hostel providers. However, hostels for overnight stays are fundamentally different from a classic hotel room. Due to the special structures in shared rooms, travelers should think a few things about it in advance. They also need ultimate survival tips for staying in the shelter. If you’re planning on staying in a hostel soon, don’t miss out on the following tips.

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Use earplugs in the dormitory

The first tip relates to booking a shared room. Several travelers meet in the dormitory, and they all have individual preferences. Some are backpackers, others are business people, there are also young people who want a sightseeing tour and families who want to save money. If one person snores, it can have a massive impact on the sleep of other travelers. With earplugs you can sleep through the night and then sit relaxed and have breakfast. The fact is: the fewer people there are in a room, the quieter the night will be. We at EastSeven Hostel Berlin therefore offer different types of rooms. For the greatest comfort, we recommend the single room. So far it is only available in winter. If you are traveling as a couple, we recommend a room for two people. We also offer multi-bed and family rooms. When making a reservation, you can concentrate entirely on your preferences. Don’t forget your earplugs if you’re traveling with several friends.

Bring your own padlock

Many travelers do not know that hostels allow luggage to be stored safely. Depending on the hostel, guests can store personal items such as notebooks, smartphones, documents and other belongings in a safe. Many hostels offer one safe per room. Increasingly there is even one safe per traveler. However, guests need their own padlock, which is not available on site. A standard medium-sized padlock is completely sufficient. It is compatible with safe and lockable doors. The only important thing is to keep the key safe. The property is not responsible for stolen luggage, nor is it possible to leave the key at reception.

Big towel

Aside from earplugs and your own padlock, travelers are recommended to bring a towel. A dorm towel is ideally slightly larger. This makes it ideal as a privacy screen. This gives you more privacy and generally a more peaceful sleep. Apart from that, you need the towel for showering or as a base in the bathroom. It’s best to take several towels with you if you want to stay overnight in the hostel. At EastSeven Hostel you will be provided with a towel for your stay. You can hang it between beds or use it for showering. If you are traveling as a backpacker, you will save a lot of weight and have more storage space in your backpack.

Be sure to pack a sleeping mask

Every person sleeps individually. Some travelers go to bed early, while others stay awake in the middle of the night. Then they turn on the lights and walk through the dormitory. For a relaxing stay, you definitely need a sleeping mask. And it has other advantages. Think about the brightness in the morning or the time it takes to get used to it. Many travelers have trouble sleeping on their first night in new beds. The sleep mask is helpful for this problem.

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Take a water-insoluble pen with you

In our EastSeven Hostel you have a fully equipped kitchen. Here your food has space in the fridge and you don’t have to store it in your luggage. Of course, other people use the kitchen as well. For this reason, you should label your food with a water-soluble pen or put a name tag on it before storing it in the refrigerator. Without labeling, other guests could take your food and eat it. Therefore, secure your food and label it clearly and legibly. By the way: With us you get a free muesli breakfast. It strengthens you for the day and tastes extremely delicious.

Pack toilet paper to be on the safe side

Another important tip relates to toilet paper. A roll definitely belongs in your luggage. We at EastSeven Hostel always provide enough toilet paper for overnight stays. Nevertheless, there can be a shortage because not every guest uses toilet paper sustainably. So, just in case, it’s better to bring some toilet paper with you. If we run out at night, we will definitely provide supplies the next day.

Flip-flops for a worry-free shower

You can always use flip flops in the hostel. The practical shoes are lightweight and protect you from athlete’s foot. In addition, walking barefoot on wet floors is uncomfortable and also poses a certain risk of slipping. Make sure you wear shoes with non-slip soles to enjoy the shower in your hostel. Flip flops are available for little money, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Plastic bags for your things

Plastic bags are cheap and are part of most hostel visitors’ luggage. Before you go to the bathroom, take your plastic bag with you. This is where you store your clothes. When showering in the sometimes small cubicles, your shirts and pants won’t get wet if they’re in the plastic bag. Ideally, your bag should be right next to the bed. Then you won’t forget it when you go to the bathroom after sleeping.

Provide lighting

How do you sleep in a hostel without lights? Not at all! However, you don’t want to wake anyone in the dorm at night. You will therefore need a flashlight for a short trip to the bathroom. A model with medium light intensity is sufficient in any case. Check the batteries before you arrive. Ideally, you have removable batteries with you. Thanks to the flashlight, you can find the bathroom, shower and your luggage without disturbing the other guests. Store your flashlight in the safe with your other belongings during the day.

Book the best room

Whether during the day or at night: hostel visitors want to go online every day. In the case of a shared room, this can affect the connection speed. Internet users should therefore always sleep near the reception when booking a place to sleep in a shared room. The router is usually located there, which is why this location is cheap. Of course, it is also possible to activate mobile data in the hostel. However, with the router you can always access the Internet and let your favorite music put you to sleep through your headphones.

Headphones for bed

It can get a little louder in a hostel. Then only headphones help. You can use it to switch off outside noise and stream series or music instead. Headphones help you sleep, and they also have many benefits during the day. If you want to concentrate completely on yourself, you will have absolute peace under your headphones. They are also available quite cheaply. We encourage you to buy wireless headphones. Without cables, you can use them better while sleeping. They don’t hinder your movements at night and you don’t get caught in the cable. A little tip: If you don’t want to sleep without hearing any outside noise, you should only use the wireless headphones on one side.

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