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Best Clubs Berlin – our top 10

by | Nov 3, 2023 | Leisure

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The city’s club scene is often one of the main reasons for many tourists to visit Berlin. It is as diverse as in probably no other city in the world. From the internationally known Berghain to the numerous underground clubs, you will find exactly the right club for every taste and every mood in Berlin. You don’t know your way around Berlin’s club scene? No problem! We show you our favorites in the overview.

The night from Friday to Monday in the clubs of Berlin

Berlin – a city that never sleeps. At least on the weekends you can make this proverbially true in many clubs of the capital. Some of the city’s most famous clubs open their doors on Friday and close them again in the morning hours on Monday.

Since you probably won’t be able to try out all the clubs, we’ll tell you in our ranking which places in Berlin you absolutely have to see. And best of all: From Eastseven Hostel Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg you can easily reach all clubs by public transport.

Our place 10: Zur Klappe

Hidden under Yorkstraße near Mehringdamm, “Zur Klappe” transforms the historic public toilet, once a secret meeting place for gay men, into a vibrant club. Opened in 2017, the club combines a quirky art ambience with wild parties and creates a unique underground atmosphere with events such as “Dystopian”.

With space for 50-100 guests, the Klappe offers an intimate experience characterised by tagged walls, colourful chandeliers and unique lighting. Events such as Bubble Bath and acts like Richie Hawtin attract visitors and make the club a symbol of open society and unquenchable desire.

Address: Yorckstraße Mittelinsel, der Straße 2, 10963 Berlin

Opening hours: Vary depending on the event

Website: https://zurklappe.org/

Our place 9: KitKatClub

For over 20 years, KitKatClub has been an integral part of Berlin’s club scene. Here you should already know what to expect before your first visit. The legendary fetish club is much more than just a disco and attracts numerous visitors of all ages and sexual preferences with its disreputable-lascivious-erotic atmosphere every weekend.

The interior of the club includes striptease poles, leather sofas and beds, as well as a love swing, a pool and a gynecologist’s chair. The deliberately permissive dress code is also dropped from time to time on the four dance floors. Cell phones and cameras are absolutely taboo in the club and must be handed in at the checkroom.

Address: Köpenicker Straße 76, 10179 Berlin

Open: Mon, Tue, Thu: 22.00 – 07.00 h, Fri: 22.00 – 08.00 Uhr, Sat: 23.00 – Sun 18.00 h

Website: www.kitkatclub.org

Our place 8: Prince Charles

The Prince Charles doesn’t fit into any of the typical categories of Berlin clubs, and it doesn’t want to. It’s neither a hip-hop club nor a techno stronghold, yet it’s a bit of both. Where once the employees of the company based there had their own swimming pool, now people party all night long. It is above all the versatility that makes the Prince Charles in the Kreuzberg district so popular.

Friends of different music styles get their money’s worth at the Prince Charles. In addition to hip-hop parties with rap and black music as well as nights of electronic dance music, small concerts by artists from all over the world as well as readings are held here. If you ever need a break from partying and dancing, the courtyard belonging to the club is just the right place for it.

Address: Prinzenstraße 85 F, 10969 Berlin

Open: depending on the event

Website: www.princecharlesberlin.com

prince charles club in berlin nice colours

source: https://www.instagram.com/princecharlesberlin

Our place 7: ://about blank

Not far from the Ostkreuz S-Bahn station you’ll find ://about blank. What started out as an illegal club is now officially part of Berlin’s club scene. As a club clearly born out of the leftist scene, ://about blank is still run by a collective from the autonomous squatter scene.

Nevertheless, you can party here quite peacefully. The makers emphasize that this is not a political group, but a techno club that offers a place to dance and party for diverse people.

Address: Markgrafendamm 24 c, 10245 Berlin

Open: depending on the event, usually from 00:00 h onwards

Website: www.aboutblank.li

Our place 6: Wilde Renate

The Wilde Renate belongs in every selection of the best clubs in Berlin. What looks like an apartment building in the middle of Friedrichshain from the outside, exudes the charm of a completely crazy WG party on the inside. The club’s flair is strongly reminiscent of the early 1990s, when the beginnings of Berlin’s club scene were mainly illegal parties in run-down old buildings and industrial ruins.

Several dance floors on different floors live from the improvised interior, which exudes exactly this 90s charm. Musically, you’ll mainly hear electro, techno and house music. However, the overall program of the club is much broader. Various concerts or theme nights, such as breakdance battles or street art evenings, also take place here. The inner courtyard offers a place to relax.

Address: Alt-Stralau 70, 10245 Berlin

Open: Thu: 17:00 – 07.00 h, Fri & Sat: 17.00 – 12:00 h

Website: www.renate.cc

wilde renate club in berlin sku

source: https://www.renate.cc/

Our place 5: Magdalena

Directly opposite the wild Renate, the no less wild Magdalena invites you to party, dance and rave. Word has already spread that old power plants are ideal for raves. So Magdalena has also found its home in the former harbor power plant of the Osthafen in Friedrichshain.

The very minimalist interior offers a very different atmosphere than the colorful Renate on the other side of the street. The very techno-heavy booking of the DJs nevertheless attracts numerous nightlife friends every weekend. Provided you make it past the hard door, you can get the bass pumping on your ears here all night long.

Address: Alt-Stralau 1 – 2, 10245 Berlin

Open: depending on the event

Website: www.facebook.com/magdalenaclubberlin

Magdalena | Alt-Stralau 1–2, 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Our place 4: Ritter Butzke

Just missing our top 3, Ritter Butzke is nevertheless one of the best clubs in town. In the former factory halls of the Butzke Werke in Ritterstraße you will find a colorful and international crowd that turns night into day here every weekend. In several rooms on different floors you will find not only techno, but also other directions of electronic music.

Especially the carefully selected line-up as well as the friendly service are praised by visitors of the club again and again. In addition to wild parties into the morning hours and beyond, poetry slams, vernissages or public viewings also take place here.

Address: Ritterstraße 24 – 27, 10969 Berlin

Open: Fri & Sat 18.00 – 09.00 h

Website: www.club.ritterbutzke.com

Our place 3: Berghain

The street Am Wriezener Bahnhof in Berlin, not far from the RAW site, is internationally known in the techno world. The Berghain in Friedrichshain, located here, with its famous Panorama Bar, has a reputation that precedes it by far. The myth of the techno temple in Berlin is known far beyond the city’s borders, especially various stories about what happens there on and off the dance floor. Ultimately, you can also go to Berghain if you just want to party to strong techno beats.

The prerequisite for this is that you get past what is probably the hardest door in Berlin. And that is also the main reason why Berghain does not reach the top position in our Top 10. Standing in line for hours, only to be turned away at the door because the whole world wants to go to Berghain, can quickly spoil your desire to party.

Address: Am Wriezener Bahnhof, 10243 Berlin

Open: Fri: 22.00 – 06.00 h, Sat 24.00 – So 24.00 h

Website: www.berghain.berlin

Berghain Club in Berlin black and white

source: https://www.instagram.com/b_e_r_g_h_a_i_n

Our place 2: Kater Blau

Kater Blau is one of those places that have become an indispensable part of the city’s nightlife. What began as the still legendary Bar 25 with a few wooden huts and a disco ball is now a professionally organized club landscape directly under the S-Bahn arches. Here, visitors can enjoy the whole range of techno and house music by both well-known and unknown artists and DJs.

The spacious outdoor area next to the Kater Blau also invites you to linger outside club opening hours. Here, among other things, there are also theater performances. The directly adjacent Holzmarkt 25 is an urban village of art and culture, which is always worth a visit.

Address: Holzmarktstraße 25, 10243 Berlin

Open: Fri 24.00 – Sat afternoon, Sat 24.00 – Mo afternoon

Website: www.katerblau.de

kater blau club berlin in the water

Source: From Dirk Ingo Franke – Eigenes Werk, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46129611

Our place 1: Sisyphos

On the site of a former dog biscuit factory at Hauptstraße 15 in Rummelsburg, the makers of Sisyphos have created their very own party wonderland with their club. Once you’ve made it through the long line at the entrance, the old industrial ruin offers the perfect atmosphere to fully enjoy the nightlife. The large outdoor area gives you a real festival feeling. Here, especially in summer, you can enjoy the Berlin night sky with sand under your feet under colorful flags and lampshades while listening to electronic dance music.

Numerous small huts, comfortable sofas and viewing platforms offer the opportunity to relax and recover from the energy-sapping party in between. Lovingly and artistically designed wooden figures as well as converted car bodies create a unique ambience. And on the two covered dance floors you can party to electro beats, minimal, house and techno, served by underground DJs and international scene greats.

If you need a rest in your own bed between Friday night and Monday morning, you can simply get a stamp when you leave and come back after sleeping in. Sisyphos offers a unique party experience, which is why it rightfully became our #1 club in this selection.

Address: Hauptstraße 15, 10317 Berlin

Open: Fri 22.00 h until Mon 8.00 h,  special opening hours possible during the week for concerts.

Website: www.sisyphos-berlin.net

An obituary for Rosi´s

For 15 years, Rosi’s in Friedrichshain was one of the most popular clubs in the city. In the club with the charm of a youth center, it was not only possible to dance and party extensively to different music genres such as rap, electro and rock. The paradise for jute bag wearers and mat drinkers also offered opportunities for exchange at table tennis or foosball. We can only hope that more of our favorite clubs do not fall victim to the club death in Berlin due to the construction of more and more new luxury apartments.

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