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In our functionally and comfortably furnished shared rooms in Berlin you will find a cheap and comfortable place to sleep.


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In our functional and cozy furnished shared rooms in Berlin you will find a cheap and comfortable place to sleep. The equipment is comparable to the shared room of a youth hostel with double bunk beds, seating and cabinets in which you can store your personal belongings. The key when furnishing shared rooms is to make the most of the available space, so that even in a large room you have room for yourself and your belongings. When booking our hostel shared room you have the choice between:

  • Mixed 4-bed room
  • Mixed 8-bed room

When you book a shared room in our hostel in Berlin, you use the common bathroom on the floor.

What does hostel shared room mean?

In a hostel shared room usually stay guests who do not know each other. We strictly ensure that our house rules are followed and everyone feels comfortable. A hotel shared room is usually offered for families or friends traveling together. You can also book such a family room in our hostel in Berlin.

What is the price of a shared room in a hostel in Berlin?

We offer flexible rates depending on the season. You can get a place in a 4-bed room from € 33 a night. A place in a shared room for 8 people in Berlin you can book from € 25 per person. You can choose between a non-cancellable and a flexible rate.

What is included in the price of a Berlin Hostel shared room?

  • Free cereal breakfast
  • Regular community events
  • Use of the shared kitchen
  • Private garden with lounge
  • Mixed 4- or 8-bed room
  • 12-16 sqm
  • Bunk beds
  • Common bathroom
  • Cabinets for personal belongings
  • Seating options
  • Impressions of ourShared room


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