Looking for a beautiful & relaxed café in Berlin?

Café Winterfeldt Berlin

You can experience a lot in Berlin. But in between you should also allow yourself a break. The best place to do this is probably in one of the many cafés in Berlin. We show you our best tips and recommendations for the most beautiful cafes in the city, where you can enjoy the sometimes […]

The best berlin clubs where techno is not played

Berlin’s club scene is internationally renowned. This is mainly due to the numerous techno and underground clubs in Berlin. But friends of other music genres also get their money’s worth in the capital’s club scene. You don’t want to go to a techno club? We show you the best Berlin clubs that don’t play techno. […]

Best Clubs Berlin – our top 10

berghain club berlin

The city’s club scene is often one of the main reasons for many tourists to visit Berlin. It is as diverse as in probably no other city in the world. From the internationally known Berghain to the numerous underground clubs, you will find exactly the right club for every taste and every mood in Berlin. […]

Best Open Air Clubs in Berlin

Klunkerkranich Open Air Club Berlin

Berlin is internationally known for its unique club scene. Especially in summer, it’s not just in musty basements or sweaty halls that you can party. Warm summer nights invite you to dance in one or the other open-air club in Berlin. Here you can dance all night long under the open sky and watch the […]

Best beer garden in Berlin

Bester Biergarten in Berlin?

Berlin has a lot to offer. In addition to countless historical buildings and sights, there are also numerous beer gardens that make up the special charm of this city. We introduce you to the best beer gardens in Berlin that you should definitely have seen during your visit. Our 11 favourite beer gardens in Berlin […]